Do we have any research on the test itself?



Do we have research on the civics test itself? -- I contacted eight highly respected civics education researchers about this, and here are some responses:

  • Judith Torney-Purta:  There is one article that makes a very important and relevant point.  The author concludes that the Naturalization Test is not psychometrically reliable for its intended use with applicants for citizenship (and we can infer that an "off label" use for high school students would be not be any better). 
    Paula Winke (2011): Investigating the Reliability of the Civics Component of the U.S. Naturalization Test, Language Assessment Quarterly, 8:4, 317-341    **Note from Kris - I cannot access this article in its entirety - we do not have paid access to Taylor & Francis.  If one of you does and you want to send the article to me, I will link it here.  
  • Peter Levine - Thanks for working on this and involving us. I published a editorial that may be useful - I meant it to reach relatively conservative readers. I also had an earlier piece for CNN that could be helpful. Best, Peter
  • Walter Parker - Because Walter's reply is longer than the others, I put it on a separate page.  However, it is extremely well thought out and totally worth the read.