Social Studies Assessment, Curriculum, and Instruction (SSACI)

(from the SSACI website)

The Social Studies Assessment, Curriculum, and Instruction (SSACI) collaborative harnesses the collective wisdom of state leaders and national experts to explore opportunities and address challenges within the field of social studies. SSACI work focuses on identifying, developing, and sharing high quality educational resources that support student and professional learning through rigorous standards, engaging curriculum, balanced assessments, and effective professional development. SSACI also raises awareness of legislative trends and policy issues that are likely to impact social studies so that state leaders are equipped to plan and respond effectively.

State members work with the SSACI advisor and the CCSSO support team to determine areas of focus. During the 2016-17 membership year, the Social Studies SCASS will:

  • Continue to develop high-quality assessment, curriculum, and instructional resources based upon the expressed needs of state members
  • Carry on the work of SSACI workgroups around assessment, standards implementation, and professional development
  • Continued support for state implementation of the C3 Framework and high quality state standards that prepare students for college, career and civic life
  • Offer opportunities for professional learning that are guided by nationally recognized experts in the social studies
  • Provide updates on evolving Federal policy topics, including ESSA and its implications for social studies
  • Explore ways to insure equity for all students in social studies classrooms
  • Receive ongoing guidance and support from CCSSO 

SSACI offers three face-to-face meetings in October, February, and June that are supplemented periodically by online meetings and webinars that sustain and extend learning and work undertaken at face-face meetings.

Anticipated activities include:

  • Presentations by experts on topics deemed important by SSACI members
  • Development of assessment, standards implementation, professional development resources within the SSACI workgroups
  • Continued work around implementation of the C3 Framework and C3 Exchange
  • Continued work supporting states in the process of adopting, implementing, or revising high quality state standards that prepare students for college, career and civic life
  • Sharing of trends and best practices by state teams
  • Federal updates on key legislation and policy initiatives
  • Cross-SCASS meetings and discussions

Advisor: Fran O'Malley

Fran O'Malley is the Associate Director (Social Studies) of the Professional Development Center for Educators and a policy scientist for the Institute for Public Administration's Democracy Project at the University of Delaware. Over the past twenty-five years, Fran has worked on state level projects that continue to involve him in the development, revision, and implementation of state standards, curriculum, and assessments. He also participated as an affiliate in the SSACI group that developed the C3 Framework.

Before joining the University of Delaware, Fran taught social studies at the middle and high school levels during which time he earned numerous awards including Delaware State Teacher of the Year, Delaware History Teacher of the Year, the Harry J. Carman Award, and the Award of Honor from the Middle States Council for the Social Studies. 

Contact:Joe Crawfordjoe.crawford@ccsso.org202-312-6436