State Soc St Webinars

Many states are starting to have webinars for their teachers regarding social studies issues of interest.  We will work to keep an updated list of webinars to attend, or the archive to view at your leisure. 

AZ:  Questions contact Jen Pesato-Farrlley

Instructional Shifts & Standards Webinars:

Argument K-5 S.S.

Close Reading ( and the tail end of the intro to the standards)

Text Complexity

Argument 6-12 S.S. : Vocabulary 1 hr : Text Dependent Questions 1 hr : Overview of Standards ½ hr : Text Complexity 1 hr : Instructional Shifts Overview ½ hr : Argument 6-12 1 hr : Argument K-5 1 hr

NC:  Questions contact Justyn Knox

We also have a couple of webinars coming up that could be added to the website. Our webinar scheduled for February 4th will focus on how teachers can develop effective driving questions to promote inquiry in Social Studies.


Anyone can register with the registration links below.





Tuesday, February 4, 2014

3:30 – 5:00


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

3:30 – 5:00



You may view past webinars at this link as well:


Please send your information on webinars in your state to Kris McDaniel to be added here!