2015 Meeting

The 50th annual meeting for CS4 will be held in New Orleans, LA starting on the evening of Nov. 10, 2015 and ending on the evening of Nov. 12, 2015. This meeting will be held in conjunction with the 95th Annual Conference of the National Council for the Social Studies, November 13 - 15 , 2015. The meeting sessions will be held in the New Orleans Downtown Marriott at the Convention Center. http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/msymc-new-orleans-downtown-marriott-at-the-convention-center/

Welcome and invitation to the 50th anniversary CS4 meeting, from President Don Gifford (KS) 

2015 Agenda


Enjoy photos from our meeting!  Here they are as a slideshow.  The initials at the end of each photo tell you who took them (ex: KM-WI means Kris from WI took the pic). If you have any to add, please send them to Kris (WI).  

CS4 2015

Please note that you can view the filled out form at http://bit.ly/CS4whoscoming, so you can see who's coming, or look for a roomie.  

Interested in joining the Executive Board, or know someone who might be?  Please go to the nominations form at: http://bit.ly/CS415nominations 

Looking for someone to share a taxi from or to Louis Armstrong airport?  Fill out the survey at http://bit.ly/CS42015airport and see who has already filled it out at http://bit.ly/CS42015transport .  

(Please note that you MUST register for the NCSS conference in order to attend the CS4 meeting.  You pay for your CS4 membership when you renew your NCSS membership.  There is no additional charge for the CS4 annual meeting.  After you register for the NCSS conference, you use your confirmation number to register for the CS4 annual meeting. There will be NO money collected on site.  If you are unsure of your renewal date with NCSS, please contact them directly.)

Honoring our retirees since November, 2014:

Officers 2014-15:

President Don Gifford, KS
President-elect Robert Austin, UT
Past President Kelly Curtright, OK
Director Fay Gore, NC
Director Kris McDaniel, WI
Member-at-Large Kristie Littlefield, ME
Executive Secretary Peggy Altoff, CO
Treasurer Rosanna Fukuda, HI

Special thanks to our sponsors for our 2015 meeting in New Orleans!