CS4 Webinars

CS4 Webinars

Idea for a webinar, or want to join the tech committee?  Contact Kris McDaniel, CS4 Tech Committee Chair

Webinar planning for 2019

Archived links below lead to webinar recordings, slides, readings, etc.

Please note: CS4 webinar archives are marked as "members only" access.

February 14, 2019 : Kris McDaniel (WI), CS4 Google Team Drive  Recording and Slide Deck

January 9, 2019: Joy Hatcher (GA): Creating Communities with Social Media.  Recording and Google folder with all the goodies


September 6, 2018: CS4 conversation with Dr. Larry Paska.  Recording.

May 10, 2018: Stefanie Wager (IA): Action Civics.  Slide deck and Recording

April 12, 2018: JoAnn Wood & Joy Hatcher (GA): More Bang for Your Book: Read Alouds for Social Studies.  Slide Deck  and Recording


November 9, 2017: Harris Payne (NE) and the exec board gives a preview of our San Francisco meeting!


September 28, 2017: Stefanie Wager (IA) Iowa Standards Development.  Recording and Slide Deck


April 11, 2017: Stephanie Hartman (CO) The Colorado Elementary Primary Sources Project.  YouTube recording of the webinar, and the ppt deck.  


March 9, 2017: Steve Masyada (FJCC) OER Resources for Civics, Government, and U.S. History.  YouTube video recording of the webinar, and here is the ppt deck Steve used.  


February 9, 2017:  Joy Hatcher (GA) Creating Resources and Educator Communities on a Budget - Screencasts, Social Studies Labs, and Virtual Specialist Communities Oh My!  YouTube video recording of the webinar, and Prezi with the information.  

January 12, 2017:  Beth Ratway talked with us about ESSA.  See slides and the recording in her Google folder.  



October 12, 2016:  Harris Payne (NE) and Jess Winkellaar (MN) presented on GIS and the national agreement Esri has with states for free access to ArcGIS products for school districts.  View the recording here.  Handout is here.  

May 12, 2016: Sigrid Olson (VT) and Allegra Kazemzadeh (WV) presented on personalized learning in relationship to social studies.  View the recording here.   

April 14, 2016: Patricia Polan (NY) spoke about the changes in the Social Studies NY Regents Exams.  View the recording here. Thank you Steve Masyada for hosting!

March 10, 2016: Harris Payne (NE) made contact with a trusted colleague, Dr. Phil Gersmehl, to talk with us about spatial relationships and education.  Thanks to Justyn Knox (NC) for hosting online!  View the recording here, and she took a screen shot of the notes, as well! 

February 11, 2016: Michelle McLaughlin and the NC group presented "Critical Conversations Continued: Teaching Social Studies in Elementary Grades".  View the recording here, and you can access the PPT and "Look For's" document in their Google Folder.  

January 14, 2016: Beth Ratway gave a terrific overview of ESSA, some ideas on collaboration and opportunities, and reminders that nothing is funded yet.  :)  View her slides here, and the presentation recording here.  


September 10, 2015: Michelle McLaughlin & Justyn Knox (NC): Social Studies, is it Elementary, My Dear Watson? 

July 9, 2015:  Stephanie Hartman, CO, explained her work on model curriculum, written in partnership with state teachers.  

May 14, 2015: Beth Ratway talked about how states can work with the Comprehensive Centers with American Institutes for Research.  Unfortunately, the recording for this webinar did not take.  

April 9, 2015: Brenda Barr and National Geographic.  Unfortunately, the recording for this webinar did not take.  

March 12, 2015: State Legislature Sessions + Advocacy

February 12, 2015: Dr. Diana Hess, UW-Madison and Spencer Foundation, speaks about civics education and political partisanship.